Financial Aid and Loans

Financial Aid and Loans for Graduate Students

The financial aid application process is exactly the same for graduate students as for undergraduate students. You must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online once a year by visiting

FAFSA applications will be available for completion on January 1 of each year. Upon receipt of your application, the Office of Student Financial Assistance will prepare an individual award package for you. Please submit the FAFSA as soon as possible. You can do so even before you have been admitted to a graduate program. Early submission allows plenty of time for processing your loan application. Once you have been admitted, your application will automatically be activated.

Unlike undergraduate students, graduate students are not eligible to receive federal or state grants, with the exception of the federal TEACH grant. Graduate students will be awarded loans not to exceed their annual maximum limit of $20,500/year. Other loan options include the Graduate PLUS Loan. This loan is a credit based loan that must be applied for separately. You may obtain this loan application, as well as general loan information, from our website at

The maximum limit of the Graduate PLUS Loan varies, but can be no higher than the difference between a student’s cost of attendance and their total financial aid award.

NOTE: Graduate students must be registered for at least 5 credit hours to qualify for any Federal Loan.

Even though certain grants are not available to graduate students, other non-loan opportunities are still available. Students may apply for tuition benefits, graduate assistantships, or college work study to help cover their expenses. Tuition benefits pay $750 towards tuition costs only, whereas graduate assistantships and college work study allow you to receive a stipend/paycheck in addition to a tuition waiver. More information on tuition benefits and graduate assistantships can be found by clicking on the menu items under the Costs and Aid tab above.