Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Graduate Catalog?
The Graduate College publishes the online Graduate Catalog which contains information about graduate policies, procedures, and courses. The catalog describes every Marshall University graduate program along with its admissions and program requirements.

How do I get a Graduate Catalog?
In an effort to save trees and reduce printing costs, we provide the Graduate Catalog online.

Where can I find contact information about the program in which I’m interested?
The graduate coordinator for each program is the best person to contact for additional information about a specific course of study. You can find a list of all graduate advisors by program with their contact information on our Directors of Graduate Studies page.

How do I find out the admissions requirements for the program in which I am interested?
Admissions requirements for each degree program are listed in the Graduate Catalog.

How do I apply for Admission to the degree program in which I am interested?
Everything you need to know about the admissions process, including an online application, can be found here at our Graduate Admissions page.

Where can I find common forms used by the Graduate College?
All of our forms can be downloaded from our Forms and Information page.

What is a Plan of Study and why do I need one?
The plan of study is essentially a contract between the student and the program advisor. The PoS lists all of the courses you must complete successfully for the requirements for the degree. The PoS protects both the integrity of the graduate program and the student because it cannot be changed without approval of the student, advisor, and dean. An approved PoS must be on file before a student completes the 12th credit hour.

A Plan of Study Template is available on our Forms and Information page.

Are graduate students eligible for health insurance?
Marshall University does not provide health insurance for graduate students, but offers an optional Student Health Insurance Plan.
Student Health Services does offer health care services for acute illnesses. Facilities are located at the Cabell-Huntington Hospital.

Are Graduate Assistantships available?
Yes. For complete information please see our Graduate Assistantships page.

Are reappointments to graduate assistantships automatic?
No. In addition to maintaining satisfactory academic progress, graduate assistants must satisfactorily perform assigned duties according to the regulations stipulated by the hiring unit. Reappointments are also based on other factors such as the availability of sufficient funds and needs of the hiring unit.

Are there academic requirements associated with graduate assistantships?
Yes. In order to retain a graduate assistantship, students must comply with all applicable University, college/department/program regulations. Each graduate assistant must maintain a 3.0 minimum GPA.

Can a student hold more than one graduate assistantship at a time?
No, a student can hold only one graduate assistantship at a time.

Do graduate assistants receive a tuition benefit?
Yes. The amount of the benefit will be stated on the Tuition Benefit Form you sign at the time of your appointment.

Do graduate students have to be enrolled for every semester?
No. Students have seven years from the time in which they begin their first course in the degree program to complete the degree program.

If a student is not enrolled for a few semesters does the student have to reapply to continue?
In most cases, No. A student has seven years from the semester/term in which they took their first course in the program to maintain active status in that program.

Do students have to apply for graduation?
Yes. All degree candidates must begin the application for graduation process no later than the beginning of the final semester/term. You can download and print an Application for Graduation.

Does a graduate student have to be registered during the semester he or she graduates?
In most cases, No.

Does Marshall University accept transfer credit for graduate students?
Yes–to a maximum of 12 credit hours. Please see Graduate Catalog for restrictions.

Does Marshall University offer graduate student housing?
Yes. The Department of Housing and Residence Life provides housing for all Marshall students. For more information about housing and residence halls available to all graduate students, please contact the Department of Housing and Residence Life at (304)696-6765 or 1-800-438-5391, email or visit the Housing and Residence Life webpage.

How do I access my personal myMU page?
myMU is the Marshall University portal to a variety of online services and to the Internet. This is where you can register for classes, check email, view grades, financial aid status, and make secure payments. To log in, you will need your MUNET account and password.
Login to myMU

How do I access my Marshall University email account?
New students are automatically assigned a Marshall University email account. Please check this email account regularly because all MU official communications will be sent to this account. To access your email account, log in to myMU, and simply click the "MU LiveMail" button to access your email.
For more information go to MU Computing Services

When is the University’s commencement ceremony?
All the information you need about commencement is located on our Graduation and Commencement page.

I have completed all of my degree requirements but one professor has not turned in a grade for one of my classes. Will I be able to graduate?
No. Contact the Graduate College office right away to help you resolve this problem.

Are students required to attend the Commencement ceremony?

Can I participate in the Commencement ceremony even though I have not completed all requirements for graduation?
No. You must have completed all the requirements for graduation to participate in the Commencement ceremony. Marshall University observes two Commencement ceremonies each year to honor candidates for associate, baccalaureate and advanced degrees (master’s, specialist and doctoral). The Spring ceremony honors students who complete their degree requirements between December and May and is held in May; the Fall ceremony honors students who complete their degree requirements between May and December and is held in December. For a detailed calendar please see our Graduation and Commencement page.

If I do not attend the Commencement ceremony, how will I receive my diploma?
Though it may take several weeks to receive your diploma, the Office of the Registrar will mail the diploma to you. Please make certain to provide your correct post-graduation mailing address.

Is there a University office that handles graduation questions or concerns?
Yes. The Office of the Registrar. 304-696-6410 | | Old Main 106A

What are Graduate Tuition Benefits?
Graduate Tuition Benefits are available through competitive application to Marshall University students and full-time faculty and staff. Students must have a FAFSA form on file with Student Financial Aid. For complete information please see our Graduate Tuition Benefit page.