Graduate Certificate Program Fact Sheet

Marshall University offers 38 different Graduate Certificates (5 available online). A Certificate program is a short, focused program of study, typically between 12 and 21 credits, which can help you enhance your job skills, earn recognition, gain licensure, and even increase your marketability




The Way it Works:

You can work towards a graduate certificate in addition to pursuing a master’s degree or you can enroll in a stand-alone graduate certificate program.  With advisor approval, you can also apply certificate program course credit to a graduate degree. Here are some things about graduate certificates to consider:
  • Can usually be earned in less than half the time of a degree;
  • Offer specialized programs that may meet licensure or continuing education goals;
  • Can add valuable skills and knowledge to your resume for career enhancement;
  • Offer the option to pursue a certificate while enrolled in the master’s degree program;
  • Provide a convenient way to meet professional development requirements, to update credentials, or just to take some interesting courses;
  • Offer an opportunity to pursue professional advancement without making a commitment to a degree program;
  • In many cases students can apply certificate credits earned to a degree program.
You can be enrolled in a graduate certificate program and a master’s or doctoral program simultaneously.

Already enrolled in the degree program which grants the certificate?
Simply submit to Graduate Admissions a Secondary Program Request form.

Want to enroll in a certificate-only program?
Simply apply for admission to Marshall University (online application) as a Certificate/Professional Development student and select on the application for Graduate Admissions form the certificate you wish to pursue. In most cases the admission requirements for a certificate program are the same as the admission requirements for the degree program which grants the certificate. However, requirements can vary so be sure to consult the description for the certificate in the Graduate Catalog.