Journals based in the Graduate Humanities Program


Collaborative Anthropologies

The Graduate Humanities Program houses the Editorial Office of Collaborative Anthropologies, a journal edited by the Program’s Director, Luke Eric Lassiter. Published and printed annually by the University of Nebraska Press, the journal is meant to engage the growing and ever-widening discussion of collaborative research and practice in anthropology and in closely related fields. Among other things the annual facilitates dialogue about collaborative anthropologies, including but not limited to those between and among researchers and their interlocutors, anthropologists and other scholars/practitioners, academics and other professionals, universities and local communities, faculty and students; embraces a special focus on the complex collaborations between and among researchers and research participants / interlocutors / collaborators, but is by no means limited to this focus; promotes discussion about new forms of collaborative research that are engendering new kinds of collaborative anthropologies; charts new theoretical and methodological approaches, especially those that theorize collaboration and imagine new intellectual spaces for collaborative anthropologies; invites essays that are descriptive as well as analytical, interpretive, and exploratory; solicits works from all subfields of anthropology (and closely related disciplines); encourages interdisciplinary inquiry into collaborative anthropologies, especially those that connect collaborative anthropologies with other modes of collaborative research practices; seeks a diversity of perspectives on collaborative research, including those academic, applied, and pedagogic; considers scholarship from single to multi-sited in scope and from all parts of the world; and invites book, media, and exhibit reviews that chronicle the creative and innovative use of collaboration in anthropology and closely related fields. Contact Dr. Luke Eric Lassiter for more information or visit the journal’s website here.

West Virginia Archeologist

Dr. Robert Maslowski – long associated with the Graduate Humanities Program – edits the journal West Virginia Archeologist, which is published by the West Virginia Archeological Society.  The West Virginia Archeologist publishes articles on prehistoric and historic archeology, notes and comments and book reviews on the archeology of West Virginia and surrounding states. The journal invites submissions from both professional and amateur archeologists and specialists in allied fields.