Chris Bowers                 



M.S. in Biological Sciences Candidate

Department of Biological Sciences

Marshall University Herpetology Laboratory



Contact Information:





  I have always been a huge fan of the outdoors. I started hunting around in the back yard for all kinds of crawling things very young, such is the youth of most Herpetology aficionados.

     I received my B.S. in biology with a minor in chemistry from Marshall University in 2011. While at Marshall I received an athletic scholarship for football. It is my hope to attend medical school after my master's is complete.

     I am now continuing my herpetology studies at Marshall University, pursuing a Master’s Degree in Biological Sciences, focusing on herpetology, under Dr. Thomas K. Pauley. If everything goes as planned I expect to graduate spring 2013. If any additional information such as my résumé or CV are required, please contact me at the above email address.




    My personal interests apart from academia include hunting and fishing. I am a huge music fan. I play guitar and sing in a band. I enjoy playing football, disk golf and corn hole. I also love reading.


Thesis Research:


I am attempting to define the life history of the Cumberland Plateau Salamander, Plethodon kentucki throughout the northeastern portion of its range. This would serve as the first study to define the life history for P. kentucki in the state of West Virginia. It is important to determine the life histories of common species like P. kentucki before climate change or human impact make it an uncommon species.