Eastern Worm Snake
Carphophis amoenus

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                                                      photo by Jeff Humphries
                                        Adams Co., Ohio
Species DescriptionWorm snakes attain a length of about 12 inches (30 cm).  They are uniformly brown above with a pinkish ventral surface.  They have a tiny head and tail with a sharp spine on the tip of it.  They are very shy and, when picked up, will only try to burrow and hide themselves.

HabitatThis snake lives in forests or in fields adjacent to forests.  They are usually found under logs and stones.  They are very well adapted to burrowing through soft soil, with their pointy heads and beady eyes.  They are most active after 3:00 PM.  They feed mostly on soft-bodied insects and earthworms.

Breeding ActivityMating occurs during April and May and eggs are deposited (between 2 and 5) in loose dirt or rotting logs in June or July.  The eggs incubate for about 2 months.

RangeWorm snakes are common throughout West Virginia, though difficult to find because of their secretive nature.