Published: Honors Oracle – November 2018

As noted in an earlier post, the Newsletter of the Honors College of Marshall University, The Honors Oracle, is being published and archived on Marshall Digital Scholar (MDS). MDS is the institutional repository for creative and scholarly work that is produced at Marshall University.

The latest edition of The Honors Oracle is published on Marshall Digital Scholar and the PDF is downloadable via a link found on the page here:

The following is a direct link to the file itself:

You can find an RSS feed for the Honors Oracle on the website in the right-hand sidebar. It is possible to subscribe to the feed and never miss an edition.

If you are interested in joining the staff of the Honors Oracle as a writer in the coming semester, please let Dr. Hoey know soon. We would be happy to add a few more writers who would contribute to a robust Honors Oracle for the Spring 2019 semester. Serving on the Honors Oracle entails registering for HON 484. Writers earn 1 credit hour and editorial staff earn 2 credit hours toward fulfilling their general honors credit requirements that are a part of the Honors Curriculum.