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In 2005, in his outline of his strategic vision for Marshall, then University President Stephen J. Kopp included establishment of an Honors College as a priority initiative to improve the overall competitive stature of the University. The initiative advanced in early 2009 when Provost Gayle Ormiston announced a national search for a founding Dean of the Honors College and the Faculty Senate approved creation of the College. The appointment of our Founding Dean, Dr. Mary Todd, was announced in May 2009.

Dr. Mary Todd

The 2009-2010 academic year was a time of transition from an Honors Program to an Honors College. The College officially opened in Fall 2010, welcoming an inaugural class of 150 first-year students. The University’s commitment to resource a new college is evidence not only of its confidence that honors education is central to the academic mission at Marshall but of its willingness to invest in that mission.




The Honors College of Marshall University is a member of the following organizations: The National Collegiate Honors Association, Mid-East Honors Association, Virginias Collegiate Honors Council, National Association of Fellowship Advisors, and the Association for Interdisciplinary Studies.






National Collegiate Honors Council Certification for MU Honors College - 2010