Living Learning Communities

Live. Learn. Grow.

Designing your college experience starts now! All first year students belong to a living learning or theme housing community. Living learning communities are college or academic-based and help you make friends in your major, get to know faculty, and help you achieve academic success. Theme housing offers opportunities to explore campus involvement and leadership but is not related to a specific college or major. Marshall has the following living learning communities and theme housing options for you to choose from:

LLC / Location Description

Honors College

Location: First Year Residence Halls, Honors Residential College at Willis Hall

Engage in social and intellectual events outside of the classroom with faculty and other Honors College students.

College of Business

Location: First Year Residence Halls, Twin Towers West

Begin to build your professional business network, interact with COB faculty and staff through programs and activities, and study for introductory business courses with residence hall peers.

College of Science

Location: First Year Residence Halls, Twin Towers East

Join a community of students enrolled in biology, chemistry, and physics courses. Attend special programs and activities hosted by COS faculty and staff, and find support outside of the classroom for challenging coursework.

Student Support Services

Location: First Year Residence Halls

Transition into college by joining this LLC to help you develop academic support outside the classroom. Students in this LLC are enrolled in shared coursework. The LLC is offered in partnership with Student Support Services, a TRiO program, and is open to income-eligible, first-generation students and students with disabilities.

College of Education

Location: Twin Towers East

Join this LLC to explore the many facets of a career in education. Similar schedules and shared courses offer opportunities for study group formation and support. Interact of COEPD faculty through special program.
Theme Housing / Location Description

Marshall Maniacs

Location: First Year Residence Halls

Get involved in a community interested in spreading Marshall spirit. Learn about Marshall University’s rich history and traditions while supporting athletic events and activities.

Greek Life

Location: Haymaker Hall

Build connections and develop your leadership skills as a member of the Greek Life LLC which is offered in partnership with the Fraternity and Sorority Life office.