Move-In and Semester FAQs

What have you done to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the residence halls?


What dates are students able to move into the residence halls?
What if I need to move in early?
How will move-in work this spring?
How do I sign up for a move-in apppointment?
What if I run into travel delays, and it looks like I might miss my move-in appointment?
What if I show up without an appointment?
Can I bring someone with me to help me move into my residence hall?
Both of my parents are coming with me. Does this mean that only one can go into the building to see my room?
Will there be volunteers this year to assist?
Any advice on what to bring or not to bring?

Covid-19 Testing

Am I required to be tested?
Is there a cost to be tested for COVID-19 during move-in?
Where do I report for COVID-19 testing?
What happens if I test positive for COVID-19?
What happens if a friend or my roommate tests positive for COVID-19?
What should I do if I have been exposed to COVID-19?

Building Operations

Have you reduced occupancy in the residence halls due to COVID-19?
What is the cleaning protocol for community-style bathrooms?
I live in First-Year Residence Hall or one of the buildings in Commons. How will my bathroom be cleaned?
How do roommates social distance?
What do I do if my roommate is acting in a way that I think might be putting me at risk or is unsafe?
Will common areas such as kitchens, study lounges, and computer labs be open in my Residence Hall?
How will access to the laundry rooms work during this academic year?
Will I be allowed to have guests visit me in the hall?
Do I have to wear a mask in the residence hall when I am outside of my room?
Can I leave campus on the weekends?