Electronic Employment Application


Thank you for your interest in Marshall University as a prospective employer. We request that you carefully read the following information before completing the attached application.

APPLICATION – It is essential that you complete the attached forms thoroughly and accurately. If more space is needed, supplemental sheets may be added. A complete application enables the Human Resource Services staff and hiring authorities to properly assess your qualifications.

ACTIVE STATUS – Your application is active for a one-year period. Additions, deletions or changes to this application must be made in person by you. Information contained herein, including attached materials, photos, documents, and anything requested or submitted as part of the application will be considered confidential and is the property of Marshall University.

RESUME – You may wish to attach a resume to the application. If so, all information called for in the application form must be entered on the application. Do not list “see resume” on the application.


1. An applicant needs to complete only one application, which will be considered active for one year.

2. Applications must be received by the posted deadline, if any, for the position(s) desired.

3. It is the applicant’s responsibility to notify Human Resource Services in writing of each and every position

for which he/she wishes to be considered after the initial application has been submitted. E-mail requests

for referral are acceptable subject to timeliness.

4. Any changes, additions, or deletions to the original application must be done in person by the applicant.

5. Human Resource Services reserves the right to request that applicants update their application in cases

where additional experience or education has been gained since the application was originally submitted.

APPLICATION STATUS – Marshall University is not necessarily obligated to interview all qualified applicants.

Because of the large number of applications we receive, it is not possible to respond personally to each inquiry.

AFFIRMATIVE ACTION INFORMATION – Completion of the Equal Opportunity Information Card is voluntary and information given on the card will be considered confidential.

CUSTOMER SERVICE – Human Resource Services is committed to providing recruiting services which are efficient and responsive to both the needs of applicants and hiring authorities. Feedback on the recruiting process is encouraged. Such feedback will have no effect on consideration of your application for employment.

You may provide customer service feedback either by paper by requesting a form from your HR Services representative or by visiting the Human Resource Services web site, address below, and completing a Customer Feedback form.