EPAF Approval Levels

The EPAF process contemplates four types of participants, including three types of approvers;

ORIGINATOR – the person who originates an EPAF from their desktop. The originator does not have to be vested with any sort of approval authority. They are individuals who will assemble or receive the necessary information for an EPAF, compose it, and then send it on its way around its particular approval path.

FYI (For Your Information) – A person designated as an FYI may view the EPAF but does not have to take any particular approval action on it. An example of the use of an FYI-level review would be the appointment of an individual to a regular-status employment position. The Benefits Representative in Human Resource Services would be designated as an FYI because the employee is eligible for benefits.

APPROVAL – The Approval-level reviewer reviews the pending EPAF and if it is suitable in their judgment notes their approval of the EPAF and sends it along to the next-level approver. An Approval-level reviewer may accept and approve an EPAF or may either return it for correction. The EPAF once corrected may be resubmitted to the approval queue.

APPLY – This individual is the last stop on the approval path before data is actually committed to the Banner HR system. If preceding Approval-level reviewers have approved the EPAF, the Apply-level approver will apply the EPAF to the database.