“We are so excited with the progress Evan has made!  He went from frustration at not being able to ride his bike to feeling like a superstar and riding circles in the parking lot!”

– Evan’s Mom (2016)

“We are so blessed to have been referred to this program! It gave Ian the confidence he needed to ride a bike and we will forever be grateful for your wonderful program!”

Jennifer – Huntington Mom (2014)

“This program exceeded our expectations. As noted during parent night, we thought we’d be in the 20% [who don’t learn to ride during the week]. By Wednesday he was riding on two wheels independently! We couldn’t be happier.”

Angie – Huntington Mom (2013)

“Sarah was afraid to ride her bike for a long time. She lacked the self-confidence and balance to ride. Now, she is riding on her own. This opens up so many doors for our family. We are all going bike riding! Thank you so much for doing this for my daughter! We are eternally grateful.”

Lori – Portsmouth, OH Mom (2012)

“We were not totally confident that Bennett would be successful. [The Lose the Training Wheels] Camp exceeded our expectations. It was great to see all the kids progressing throughout the week. The smiles were priceless.”

Geoff – Coopersville, MI Dad (2012)

“We are very excited that Kole has reached his goal of riding his bike with no help! GREAT!”

Amber – Huntington Mom (2011)

“Before this week Emma couldn’t ride a bike with training wheels and now she is riding a two wheel bike on her own! We couldn’t be more pleased with this program!”

Christie – Ona Mom (2011)