Coupon Printer Warning

The Marshall University Office of Information Technology recommends that MU employees do not install coupon-printing software on University-owned computers. Coupon printers are programs that provide online local and national coupons that can be printed for free. Because the coupon-printing software must be downloaded to a user’s desktop, these programs create a security risk to the computer and to the privacy of the system users.

While there are some legitimate coupon printers, some are bundled with spyware that is designed to harvest personal information for use by advertisers. Cyber-criminals also disguise software as a ‘coupon printer’ application as a  to deliver viruses and other malware to computers. If you chose to use coupon-printing software from home, we strongly recommend that you consider the following precautions to ensure the software is as trustworthy as possible: 1) make sure your anti-virus software is up to date before downloading coupon printers; 2) make sure your anti-virus software is set to block malware and spyware “on access”; 3) only download and install software from reputable websites; and 4) when in doubt, remove coupon printers from computers.