Culture Shock Presenters Entry Form


The MU World Council believes when we share true stories; our triumphs, challenges, and plain ol’ funny from our lives, we understand our common ground. Marshall University strives to develop an inclusive, safe and affirming environment for all students, where cultural variety is a difference that is valued.

We want to hear how you reconcile the various parts of your identity as a student of color, male or female, international or immigrant, LGBTQ+, religious minority, different ability, nationality or as a West Virginian. This evening of brave space is for people to share their lived experiences, honor hard-learned cultural wisdom and strengths, from which the entire Marshall University community can learn.

NOTE: Submissions can be in the form of prose, poetry or any other form of media. What is most important is that it reflects YOU, YOUR WORDS, YOUR LIFE.

*The deadline for submissions is March 15

Event Date: April 11, 2018
5 p.m.-6:30 p.m.
Location: Memorial Student Center, BE-5

For more information, please contact World Council and Intercultural Affairs graduate assistant, Ellen Castro, at

Culture Shock Presenters Entry Form