Computer and Information Technology

Welcome to the Computer and Information Technology (CIT) major within the Integrated Science and Technology (IST) Department at Marshall! My name is Brian Morgan and I am an Associate Professor of Computer and Information Technology and the current coordinator of the CIT curriculum. I have a passion for teaching and helping young people live up to their full potential while preparing them to be successful in their chosen careers. I am here to help you map out an academic plan and to provide career advice during your undergraduate years at Marshall University.

Integrated Science and Technology has partnered with several leading businesses in West Virginia to bring only the best curriculum and trends to the department, including Second Creek Technologies. For example, industry leading experts from Second Creek Technologies are currently delivering high-caliber education within the Computer Forensics Area of Emphasis. Some of the major employers of our graduates include McMillion Research (Charleston, WV) and Terradon Communications Group (Nitro, WV), and even Marshall University as instructors and in IT jobs.

As you continue to read through our information below, you will learn just what a degree in CIT means for you, what options are available to you as a student within our major, what some of our graduates have done after their education, what career paths are available to our students, and a list of helpful academic and information technology related resources. Use the links to the right to jump to various content areas regarding the CIT major at Marshall. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at either (304) 696-6469 or

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