Areas of Emphasis within CIT

Areas of emphases are focuses within majors in the Department of Integrated Science and Technology. An area of emphasis provides a core set of courses that allow a CIT student to focus, or specialize, in a particular area by taking 18-24 hours that are specific to that area while still receiving a well-rounded IT education. The CIT major currently has four areas of emphasis available: computer application development, computer forensics, web application development, and game development.

Computer Application Development Area of Emphasis

Focus is on the development of computer applications for business, industry, and education that run on the personal computer or that integrate various hardware pieces into the computer system as a whole. Students will learn the software engineering process and project management and learn to program in languages such as C++, VB.NET and C#. Students also learn to specify, design, and build large-scale software systems for existing hardware.

Courses for this area of emphasis include the core IST/CIT requirements, plus IST236, IST238, IST303, IST332, IST333, IST334, IST423, and IST430.

Computer Forensics Area of Emphasis

This area is a collaboration among Marshall University's Department of Criminal Justice, Department of Integrated Science and Technology, and Forensic Science Degree Program. The study of Computer Forensics prepares students for careers in the collection, preservation, examination and analysis of evidence from computers and other electronic devices including e-Discovery.

Courses for this area of emphasis include the core IST/CIT requirements, plus the following courses: IST363, IST447, IST448, IST449, IST463, IST464, and CJ312 and CJ326.

Web Application Development Area of Emphasis

The Web application development area of emphasis allows students to specialize in developing Web applications and content using web-based development languages, such as PHP and ASP.Net, and the effective design and organization of databases, including the development of fully functional e-commerce systems.

Courses for this area of emphasis include the core IST/CIT requirements, plus IST236, IST332, IST363, IST423, IST430, IST436, and IST466. Through a unique opportunity and collaboration with the Graphics Design department in the College of Fine Arts, students within the Web Application Development area of emphasis may also obtain a minor in graphics design by taking 18 approved hours of ART courses.

Game Development Area of Emphasis

Game development is a very popular venue in higher education. This area of emphasis combines sound principles of computer application development with computer game development. This connection between application development and game development better serves students who are coming to Marshall University with aspirations of developing computer and console games. Game development is not limited to the PC as we are teaching PC game development and Xbox game development, and we are working iPhone development into the curriculum.

Beginning in Fall 2010, a computer lab will be dedicated to gaming (Marshall's Advanced Gaming and Interactive Computing Lab - MAGIC). Students will utilize the environment to play different types of computer games, to research the latest trends and graphics, and to discuss gaming. The space will also be available to students designing and developing their own games for courses taught in the area of emphasis and for their senior project, which will consist of the development of an advanced computer game.

Courses for this area of emphasis include the core IST/CIT requirements, plus IST236, IST238, IST332, IST303, IST360 (Game Development I: 2D), IST438 (Computer Graphics for Gaming), IST439 (Game Development II: 3D), IST460 (Game Development III: AI), and 3D Animation (ART course).

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