Quotes from Partners/Employers

“At SCT, we are very excited about our relationship with Marshall's IST department. This dynamic program creates graduates with deep and diverse skill sets. In that respect they are a perfect fit for organizations such as ours” said John Sammons, the CEO of Second Creek. “This is a perfect complement to our partnership with Marshall's graduate forensic science program.”

“I appreciate the depth and flexibility of the employees that walk through our doors with a Marshall degree. Marshall graduates are deep in character — ethical, hard-working, bottom-line oriented, smart, and creative… With all of the great things that I can say about our employees that graduate from Marshall, I recognize that their abilities are no accident — they were educated to be what they are!” Thomas Kittredge, PMP, CEO & Founder, Terradon Communications Group, LLC

“In my opinion, the current programs at Marshall University (CIT) grade well above those of rival schools in the state of West Virginia and surrounding states. Many applicants and even a few hirees have not proven capable of the demanding environment our type of work demands and have shown they are incapable of the pace and load… Marshall University has been key to our current successes and a large part of our future planning and growth.” Gary L. McMillion, CEO, McMillion Research, LLC and Mindfield Online

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