Minors are 12-15 hours of courses offered by the Department of Integrated Science and Technology, but are not open to students already majoring in a degree program offered by the IST Department.

Minor in Computer and Information Technology

Students must complete 15 hours of CIT designated courses, 12 of which must be at the 2xx level or above. Students must work from an approved curriculum plan developed with a CIT advisor.

Computer Forensics Minor

Students at Marshall University from majors other than Integrated Science and Technology can earn a minor in Computer Forensics by completing IST 264, three courses of the sequence in IST Computer Forensics (IST 446-449, 463), and either CJ 312 or CJ 326.

Game Development Minor

This minor within the CIT major combines the sound principles of computer application development through computer game development. Game development is a very popular venue in higher education and the faculty of the IST program recognize that this minor is key to the mission of the Computer and Information Technology major, which gives students in other IT-related disciplines the opportunity to explore the ever-growing popularity of game development as an option. Offering this minor to other Marshall University students allows them to explore gaming through the Marshall University's Integrated Science and Technology department's computer lab for gaming (Marshall's Advanced Gaming and Interactive Computing Lab-MAGIC Lab) where students can interact with each other, playing different types of computer games to research latest trends and graphics and discuss gaming, as well as, design and develop their own games as projects for courses required for the minor. Required Courses for this minor (18 hours): IST163-Programming w/C++, IST236-Data Structures, IST360-Game Development I: 2D, IST 438-Comp. Graphics for Gaming, IST 439-Game Development II: 3D, and IST 460-Game Development III: AI.

Web Development Minor

This minor consists of 15 hours of courses, which would include: IST263 – Web Programming, IST264 – Hardware Technologies, IST365 – Database Systems, IST430 – Electronic Commerce, IST436 – Advanced Web Development. Students would be exposed to HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, databases, SQL, PHP scripting, and advanced web programming techniques through these courses, as well as, receiving a fundamental understanding of the latest hardware and computer technologies that exist in the real-world today.

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