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Email FAQ

Office 365 Email information

Legacy Email FAQ

Information on how to access your Marshall email when you graduate, leave, or retire from the University.

Access to your email account will be active as long as your MUNet account is active, but will be deactivated along with your MUNet account.  All emails will be deleted off of the server and we highly recommend you back up important emails prior to the deactivation and contact anyone who uses your Marshall email as a primary contact for you.  Once deactivated there is no way to permanently forward your email to another account.

Here is a list of accounts that would be subject to deactivation:

  • Students who graduated in December, May or August.
  • Students who are not registered for the current term, according to the Registrar’s office.

Before graduation, please…

  • Manage your digital information. Transfer files, messages, and other digital data that you want to keep. You may want to delete data you no longer need.
  • Remove MUAlert contact information on MyMU if you no longer want to receive alerts.
  • Review changes to software availability for alumni.
  • Set up the VPN service for alumni if you need to use it to continue to access Marshall resources.

It has been a pleasure to provide you with technology services during your time at the Marshall University. Best wishes on your future academic and professional endeavors!

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