Printing or Duplication

Color laser printing is available at the public computer workstations in the University Computing Facilities (UCF) labs, which use the Pharos UnipriNT network printing system. When printing successfully, the Pharos UnipriNT system debits the user’s Marshall University Herd Points account for the cost of a print job. The cost for Black & white prints is $.10 per page and for Color prints $.25 per page. At most stations pages are 8.5 x 11, other options are available in the Drinko Study Center. This charge for printing applies to all users.

Service Description

Document Copiers

  • Copy machines require an MUID with Points or purchased copy card.
  • Copy machines are located in Drinko Library Copy Center and in Morrow Library’s Government Documents department.
  • Copies are $0.10 per page for black & white copies.
  • Copies are $0.25 per page for color copies where available.

Microfilm / Microfiche Copiers
Located on 1st floor of Drinko Library and in Government Documents Department of Morrow Library.

PDF documents can be saved to a jump drive or V-drive from a microfilm machine computer. A copy of the saved document can then be printed from another campus computer using the printers found on the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd floor printing stations. Printing costs are: $0.10 per page for black and white, and $0.50 for color (where available).


How to Print

At UCF Workstation:

  1. Click on FILE from Menu selection of associated programs
  2. Choose PRINT
  3. Select Black & White or Color under PROPERTIES to print – you will be charged based on your selection
  4. Indicate pages and number of copies or any other setting changes desired
  5. Press ENTER or click OK

At Print Station:

  1. Swipe MUID Card in card swipe in the Print Station Keyboard
  2. Select/highlight your print job listed under your MUNet ID
  3. Notice the number of sheets and total cost of print job
  4. If cost is okay, click PRINT – you are not charged until you click PRINT
  5. Click LOG OFF

Using Mobileprint:

Print from any phone, tablet, or computer to any campus Pharos Mobileprint enabled printer. The campus locations for Pharos Mobileprint enabled printers are:

  1. Drinko Library 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Floor
  2. SMEC Physical Therapy
  3. Visual Arts Center 4th Floor
  4. MUGC Room 217

How can a user add money for printing to a MUID Card or a Point Vending Card?
Users with cash, check or Visa/MC can add money to cards in the MUID Office OR cash only transactions can be added at Value Transfer Station (VTS) machines. VTS Machines are located at:

  • Drinko Library Snack Lounge
  • Memorial Student Center Lobby
  • Twin Towers West Lobby
  • Harless Dining Hall
  • Marshall University Graduate College Administration Building
  • Mid Ohio Valley Center Lobby

What if the card reader doesn't read the MUID Card?
Contact the Marshall University ID Office located in on the 1st floor of Drinko Library.
What if the Pharos Uniprint server doesn't work?
Contact the Marshall University Study Center Staff
What is Pharos Uniprint?
Uniprint is a network printing system that charges users for printing. When printing is done, the Uniprint system debits the user’s MUID Card (all MUID Cards have a Herd Points Account) or Points Vending Card for the cost of a print job.
How does Uniprint work?

While logged on to a campus computer, the user clicks on the print button.  The print job is sent to a print station. At the print station, the user swipes a MUID Card or Points Vending Card in a card reader, and then clicks on the print job, which releases the file to the printer for printing.

From personally owned computers you can visit to download print drivers to send a document to a print queue. Send a print job to the newly installed printer. At the   print station, the user swipes a MUID Card or Points Vending Card in a card reader, and then clicks on the print job, which releases the file to the printer for printing.

If you are in a location with a Mobileprint enabled printer you can visit and upload a document to a print queue.

-Mobileprint locations include:

-Drinko Library 1st 2nd and 3rd Floor

-SMEC Physical Therapy

-Visual Arts Center 4th Floor

-MUGC Room 217

At the print station, the user swipes a MUID Card or Points Vending Card in a card reader, and then clicks on the print job, which releases the file to the printer for printing.

Can students pay for printing without a MUID Card?
Yes, users can buy a Points Vending Card from the Value Transfer Station (VTS) machines for$1.00 and then add money to the Points Vending Card to pay for printing.
Are there ways other than printing to capture information from computer workstations?
Yes, files can be saved to each student’s virtual disk space or V: drive. The V: drive is virtual disk space that MU Information Technology provides to all faculty, staff, and students. Or, the information can be copied to external storage such as flash drives, USB Hard Drives, DVD’s or CD’s. Users can also copy files to cloud storage.
What if a user, by mistake, selects and prints the wrong job?
Selecting the correct print job is the user’s responsibility. Only selected jobs sent to the printer are debited on the user’s MUID Card.
What if the print quality is poor or the printer doesn't work?
Check with the Drinko Study Center staff or Student Assistant for assistance. Users will be givenre-prints for pages printed when the toner is low or there is a paper jam.
Do print jobs sent to the print server have to be paid for if I decide that printing is not desired?
No. A print job is not paid for until the job is released to the printer for printing. A job sent to the print station, but not released to the printer, drops automatically from system after two hours.
Can a job released to the printer be cancelled or stopped from printing?
No. Once a job is selected, released and sent for printing, it cannot be cancelled. The user must pay for the print job.

For more information

Contact Circulation Services
(304) 696-2321