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Media and Video Services

We believe in the power of education through example and experience. To help immerse the learner, we offer several options video options including lecture capture to help you illustrate a point, develop ideas, and ask questions.

Whether you need something as simple as your class captured for future streaming, or as complex as a full multi-camera production and live streaming of an important event, we’re here for you. Our staff has experience ranging from cutting edge streaming technology via Livestream, lecture capture with Techsmith Relay or Ensemble. We produce videos that are view able across all the leading platforms including mobile devices. We can help integrate your projects into Blackboard or help you distribute them to colleagues around the world.

Media and Video Technologies

Audio Conferencing - An audio only conference call among multiple locations
Web Conferencing - Interact with people from your computer or mobile device.
Room Videoconferencing - Interact with people remotely using a designated room equipped with cameras, audio systems, and technology to display documents.
Webinar - A larger online conference with presenters and attendees
Streaming a live or recorded audio and video feed of a meeting or an event.
Lecture-Capture Recordings of classroom-based activities.

Example Scenarios

I want to… Microsoft Stream Ensemble Anthem Microsoft Teams Zoom Blackboard Collaborate
Record my audio and PowerPoint slides. x x x x x
Record my audio and images on my computer screen. x x x x x
Record my audio & video and images on my computer screen. x x x x x
Record lectures before an audience of students. x x x x x
Record lectures and post to YouTube x x x x x
My students need to record and or submit video assignments. x x x
Use videos in my Blackboard course. x x x x x
I want to use a shorter segment of a longer video. x x
Share my recordings with students. x x x x x
Conference with more than one remote location using video x x x
Conference with more than one remote location using phone only x x
Bring in subject matter experts from around the globe with video x x x
Connect to remote location using traditional video conferencing hardware x
Conference with students in class with interactive whiteboard, breakout rooms, and/or polling. x x x
Live video stream of an event being hosted on or off campus x
Webinar with/without registration. x x
Live event viewed remotely by 300+ people. x x x