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BigGreen Cluster

BigGreen features 276 central processing unit cores, 552 gigabytes of memory and more than 10 terabytes of storage.  Eight NVidia Tesla graphics processing units with 448 cores each provide support for massively parallel computation, pushing BigGreen to roughly six Teraflops—or six trillion floating point operations per second—of theoretical peak computing power. A variety of scientific software packages are installed and available for use on the cluster, including COMSOL, Multiphysics, Mathematica and CLC Genomics WorkBench.

BigGreen was made possible in part by a National Science Foundation grant that funds “Cyberinfrastructure for Transformational Scientific Discovery in West Virginia and Arkansas (CI-TRAIN),” a partnership among eight higher education institutions in West Virginia and Arkansas.

Information about obtaining an account on the cluster is available at For more information about high-performance computing at Marshall, contact Dr. Tony Szwilski at or 304-696-5457.