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Spring 2015

Assignment Details:

Digital Story Final Project – Using research skills to gather background information to provide story context, you will interview and tell the story of a person working in the field you intend to pursue (or a media-related position you find interesting) in the form of digital video.   The course instructor must approve your selection of an interviewee. You may NOT select an interviewee who works at Marshall University. (Get out! Expand your horizons! Get to know someone new and challenge yourself to get outside of your comfort zone!) You will edit your video story and produce a 10-minute digital video feature on this person. You will upload your edited video to YouTube and will submit it on a USB to the instructor. You will make a presentation to the class of your Final Project. All components of this project, including the presentation, will comprise the overall Digital Story Final Project grade.


·      Aryngazy, Karina –
·      Ballard, Zakary “Zak” –
·      Baskin, Christen –
·      Casto,  Jared –
·      Collins, Brianna –
·      Dorfman, Avery “Ryan” –
·      Gibson, Amanda –
·      Hagley, Lukas –
·      Havey, Justin –
·      Hazlett, Donielle –
·      Lewis, Zach –
·      Shelton, Brianna “Bri” –
·      Stanley, Chelsey –
·      Taylor, Matt –
·      Wright, Danielle –