External Supporting Partners

The June Harless Center serves as an external supporting partner for the West Virginia Department of Education. As a supporting partner, our role is to improve the performance of low performing schools in any district in West Virginia requesting our services. The criteria used to select external supporting partners includes:

  • Evidence of Effectiveness
  • Evidence that Program Design is Research-based
  • Needs Assessment
  • District or School Turnaround Plan
  • Plan Evaluation
  • Communication of Progress to the School/District, State Agency, Parents and Families
  • Qualifications of External Supporting Partners
  • Financial Soundness

The June Harless Center will be available to serve schools in the following area(s):

  • School wide improvement efforts
  • Improvement of culture
  • Job-embedded professional development that is aligned with the school’s comprehensive instructional program (PLCs)
  • Improvement of student engagement
  • Discipline and positive behavioral supports
  • Improvement of student support services and community and parent involvement
  • Improvement of strategic planning, allocation of resources, and budgeting
  • Leadership
  • Data analysis and the use of data to inform instruction
  • Integrate technology-based supports and interventions as part of the instructional program
  • Scheduling to maximize instructional time and provide flexibility
  • Transition programs for students