The June Harless Center team of educational facilitators at Marshall University may be commissioned daily, weekly, or for extended periods of time to collaborate and design professional development to address the needs of individual clients. Through modeling, coaching, direct instruction, and a diverse library of educational protocols and practices,  Harless Center staff members present exemplary professional development programs in every curricular area as well as instructional programs for students that promote exciting, engaging and productive classrooms. The following is a list of topics that describes the current but ever widening scope of the June Harless Center:


Character Education

Covey’s 7 Habits of Happy Kids


CREATE Lab in collaboration with Carnegie Mellon

Arts and Bots

Big Shot

Children’s Innovation Project

Creative Robotics


Message from Me


Best Practices in Early Childhood Education

Reggio Inspired Principles


Best Practices in Mathematics Education

(elementary, middle, high school)

Number Talks


Best Practices in Reading/Language Arts

(elementary, middle, high school)


Best Practices in Science Education

(elementary, middle, high school)

Science and Literacy: A Natural Fit

Use of Science Kits in the Classroom


Flip the Classroom

(middle, high school)


Project Based Learning

(elementary, middle, high school)


Shewey Science Academy