Flip the Classroom

The Flipped Learning program at the June Harless Center focuses on helping teachers make optimal use of precious instructional time.  By moving lectures, demonstrations and presentations outside of the instructional day, teachers are able to maximize class time for investigations, hands-on projects and group work.  Teachers can individualize instruction and better meet the learning needs of each student. By using common recording software teachers can record lectures on video for students to view outside the normal class time.  Students can pause and rewind the recorded lessons, viewing them at times when they are best able to learn the content.  They come to class better prepared for interaction with the content. Teachers spend more time teaching and students interact more with their teacher as well as other students. In the 2014-15 school year, thirty teachers from Cabell, Lincoln, Mason and Wayne Counties are meeting to develop flipped lessons for implementation in their classrooms.  Flipped lessons developed by this group are available from the project blog – MU Flipped Learning. The brief video below provides evidence for the power of flipped learning from two Point Pleasant High School students.


Student Testimonials on Flipped Learning