Study Abroad


Study abroad is desirable for any student and especially for any student of modern languages.  It is a life transforming experience that enriches our students in many ways. In addition to the exponential development of  language skills, the very experience of living in a different culture and interacting with the people of that culture is of profound benefit for our students. To that end, Marshall has agreements with several foreign universities and with programs in this country that specialize in sending students abroad for a semester or a year.



Spain: Students can earn six (6) hours of academic credit in a month (June or July) or twelve (12) hours of academic credit in two months (June and July) by studying at the Centro de Estudios Hispánicos of the Universidad Antonio de Nebrija in Madrid, Spain.  The program offers courses in the Spanish language at the elementary, intermediate, and advanced levels. It also offers courses in composition, conversation, literature, history and art. The professors are native speakers of Spanish who hold advanced degrees and who are accredited by the Spanish Ministry of Education.

Every year the students enrolled in the program depart the 30th of May and return June 30th or July 31st. While in Madrid the students reside with Spanish families. Contact Dr. Maria Carmen Riddel ( for specific information and to obtain application forms.

The deadline for application to this program will be in March, 2019.

Beginning in fall, 2013, we entered into an articulated agreement with the Universitat Jaume I in Castelon,Spain for semester of full-year study abroad. This agreement facilitates the transfer of credit to Marshall University. For more information on this program, please contact Mirek Bialk (

Japan: Each year between five and seven students study at Chukyo University or at Kansai Gaidai University in Japan for one or two semesters. For information on these and other programs in Japan, please contact Dr. Natsuki Anderson (

Europe, Asia and South America: In addition to the universities with which we have specific agreements, students can also study abroad via the KIIS and ISEP programs. The ISEP program allows students to pay Marshall tuition, although they have other expenses they have to cover. The KIIS program has summer and semester programs and students pay KIIS prices. For more information on these programs, please contact Mirek Bialk (