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The Department of Modern Languages offers courses in French, German, Japanese, and Spanish.





Mission statement

 “The study of foreign languages and cultures emphasizes the development of critical thinking skills—increased powers of observation, analysis, logical reasoning, memory, and adaptability—that are immediately transferable to other areas of higher education and to a diversity of careers.  In learning to understand, speak, read, and write a foreign language a student acquires direct access to another view of the world at a time when intercultural understanding, both at the national and international levels, has become an urgent priority.”


Library Liaison

Instruction & Emerging Technologies Librarian
Drinko Library
Marshall University
Huntington, WV 25755
304-696-6577 (voice)


Larry Sheret is our Librarian Liaison. The best way to handle office visits is for the students to go to the Writing Center webpage or front desk on the 2nd floor of Drinko (near Larry’s office), and request a tutor. From the request page, they should specifically ask to see a librarian, at which time they can request Mr. Larry Sheret.  If this doesn’t work for them, they may contact him at or phone his office at 304-696-6577. The library homepage includes a link to the Writing Center, or they could enter the Web address, URL, of the Writing Center.

To have direct access to different resources in the four target languages students can enter here: