The French section offers beginning and intermediate courses in the French Language (FRN 101,102,203,204) and upper division courses at the 300 hundred level in advanced grammar, composition and conversation. Both oral and written skills are emphasized. In addition we offer culture, literature and film courses as well as advanced special topic courses covering economic and political issues.

Our staff is made up of qualified professors in Teaching Methodology, Literature, Film and Literary theory. Students receive a comprehensive education ranging from basic conversational skills to advanced reasoned critical thinking.

Francophonie, specifically in the African diaspora and parts of Canada, is an important  cultural phenomenon in the world today.  We thus offer courses designed to expose the students to the Francophone World and its many diverse cultures and literatures.

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Majors: A major in French consists of thirty semester hours in the same language. Twenty one hours must be in courses numbered above 204 and must include a minimum of nine hours at the 400 level. One three hour course in French culture or literature in translation will be allowed to count towards the completion of the required hours for the major.

Minors: A minor in French may be earned by presenting 12 hours in the designated language. (100-level courses do not count toward the completion of the required hours for the minor.) One 3-hour course in French Culture or Literature in translation will be allowed toward the completion of the required hours for the minor.