LEGO Projects
A few of the picture lesson plans used at
Houston ISD June 2002.

Note: Each picture can be saved and printed out full page size to be close to real size.

Simple motorized Machine set can be used to study gearing down.
Make a sign rotate once - taking the longest time.
Can you make it take more than eight minutes for one rotation?
Try the opposite of gearing up.

A simple car can use some kind of pivot wheel in the front
and gearing down with 8 tooth meshing 24 tooth gear.

A tread car can be made much in the same manner as the 24 tooth to 24 tooth gearing for
the eLab cars. Link to instructions

Try connecting Duplo Early Simple Machine  and Team Challenge set.
Make crimped paper by running strips through between the messed gears.
Try both Duplo and LEGO gears.
Use the interesting paper for hats, "hair", bracelets, or beam constructions.

A versatile car has four wheel drive, two touch sensors and a light sensor.
It can follow a light or line and back up and turn if it bumps into something.
Link to building ideas
Link to line a follower page
or another

The extra bumper helps if the bump is directly in front.

Note how plates across motors, etc. help in stability.

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