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Spring with President Gilbert

It was a spring full of firsts for Marshall President Jerome A. Gilbert as he began his presidency.

JeromeGilbert CommClas_optPresident Gilbert talks with members of a Communication Studies class in January.







JeromeGilbert Commence_opt

President Gilbert addresses the audience and graduating class at his first Marshall commencement May 7.





JeromeGilbert andBaby_opt

President Gilbert meets a young Herd fan at a Point Pleasant welcome event Feb. 8.








MitziMeade JeromeGilbe_optPresident Gilbert congratulates Mitzi Meade, who was named Employee of the Year on May 18.






JeromeGilbert HallStai_optPresident Gilbert thanks the donors to the renovation fund for the President’s House at an event in their honor March 18.






JeromeGilbert Marco Se_opt

President Gilbert takes a selfie with Marco at Marshall Day at the Capitol Feb. 26.