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Local info: 30th Cumberland Conference

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May 19–20, 2018
Contact email:

Area attractions
Please see the Cabell/Huntington Convention and Visitors Bureau page for information on attractions, events, and shopping.
Several ATMs are available at the Memorial Student Center.
Campus internet (wi-fi)
Wi-fi will be available on campus. A username and password will be distributed in your conference folder. Marshall is also an EDUROAM member, for those who prefer to use this system to log in.
Campus map
All talks will be in Smith Hall, building 17 on the campus map.
The nearest parking lot is across 3rd Avenue, on the corner of Hal Greer Blvd (16th Street.
Parking on campus lots (without meters) is free on Saturday and Sunday. Some parking meters may be enforced over the weekend.
Please see the Restaurant Finder from the Cabell/Huntington Convention and Visitors Bureau.
Tobacco-free campus
The Marshall University Campus is tobacco-free. Tobacco use is not permitted at any location on campus, indoors or outdoors. This policy does not apply to the sidewalks bordering 3rd Avenue, 5th Avenue, 16th Street, and 20th Street.