Two-Week Intensive Program

Our Two-Week Intensives offer a densely concentrated version of the Four-Week Program. Keep in mind that the two-week program is an intensive! Expect daylong sessions with homework requiring up to three to five hours nightly. As this course has very limited enrollment, only students dedicated to staying abreast of all assignments and coursework are expected to enroll. This course is limited to eight to ten students only, so contact us soon to reserve your spot in the course.

Below is a brief outline of the curriculum for the Two-Week Intensive Program:

Study Skills:

  • Previewing correctly before a learning activity
  • Listening actively and improved note-taking during lecture
  • Utilizing improved memory techniques and strategies
  • Self-testing as opposed to simply reviewing
  • Reading critically and purposefully


  • Deploying test-taking methodologies for classroom tests, shelf exams, and boards
  • Working with medical vignette-style formatted questions
  • Avoiding common test-taking errors
  • Working with partial knowledge to strategically narrow choices

 Time Management:

  • Prioritizing and preserving personal study time
  • Creating and maintaining a daily, weekly, and long-term schedule
  • Allowing time for friends and loved ones
  • Including time for a healthy you: sleep, exercise, and nutrition


  • Creating and maintaining your optimal study space
  • Getting and staying organized – home and school
  • Improving organization for course notes and study materials

    Sample Schedule for the Two-Week Intensive Program:

Monday – Friday Weekend:
9:00 am -12:00 pm – Small Group Sessions:

  • Presentation of day’s lesson
  • Guided practice with examples
  • Homework presentation and analysis
  • Discussion and Question/Answer sessions
  • Homework will be assigned over the weekend that you are in the program.
  • Homework will range anywhere from five to ten hours depending on the student
  • Typically, the more time and practice that the student invests while here, the more they take away from the program
12:00 pm – Lunch on own
2:00 pm -5:00 pm – Varies day-to-day

  • Presentation
  • Guided practice with examples
  • One-on-one meetings with instructor(s)

  • Three to five hours of homework each night with optional self-directed practice on own academic material


$2,000 — Includes books, supplies, and materials. Tuition does not cover room and board. Students are responsible for securing their own accommodations during their stay in Huntington. For more information see our Housing page under the Logistics tab above.