25Live Reservation Guidelines

The following guidelines apply to all groups – Departments, Recognized Student Organizations, and Faculty – requesting the use of space on campus via the University Scheduler, 25Live.  Please also read our Marshall University Facilities Posting Guidelines »

  • Reservation requests must be submitted at a minimum of four days prior to the event. Events requiring any type of set up must be submitted ten business days before the event.
  • Room reservation requests require three business days for confirmation. Events involving extensive set ups or those with special circumstances may take longer for confirmation. Confirmations will be sent via e-mail.
  • Events normally cannot be scheduled outside a building’s hours of operation. For those that are, all resulting charges will be the responsibility of the event host.
  • Facility Scheduling events: Final arrangements and/or changes for set ups must be made at least ten business days in advance. Any setups outside of the Memorial Student Center are not the responsibility of the University Facilities Scheduling staff.
  • Events in locations other than the Memorial Student Center:
    • Departments and Faculty: It is your responsibility to manage the set up details with the appropriate person and when needed, order the necessary furniture.
    • Recognized Student Organizations: Facilities Scheduling will place the necessary furniture orders. 
  • Security may be required for an event at the cost of the sponsoring group.
  • The corresponding scheduler must be notified of cancellations at a minimum of five business days prior to a scheduled event. Failure to do so may result in loss of reservation privileges. 
  • Events will not be scheduled when expected number of attendees exceeds the fire code capacity of the room. Events will be canceled when the number of actual attendees exceeds the number indicated on the original request.
  • All food requests including snacks, meals, drinks, table clothes, etc, must be arranged through MU Catering by Sodexo. No outside food permitted.
  • Events that serve alcohol must be held in accordance with Marshall University policy and coordinated through Sodexo Dining Services.
  • All Organizations are responsible for damages and losses incurred during their occupancy.
  • Marshall University reserves the right to grant use of its facilities based on determination made by institutional directors. Marshall University is a registered trademark and may not be used for promotional purposes.
  • When necessary, the corresponding scheduler has the right to change/cancel all reservations as needed.
  • If the University should be closed for an emergency or inclement weather, all events are cancelled for the day.

The University is not liable for any articles lost, stolen, or misplaced on University property. Necessary precautions should be taken to protect valuables.

All events scheduled must be conducted in the manner stipulated in the confirmation. No changes or additions can be made in this contract unless confirmed in writing by the Marshall University Facilities Scheduling Office.

Individual organizations will not be permitted to make additional reservations until past debts are paid.

External Organizations:

  • All requests for use of space on campus, must be made through the Facilities Scheduling Office.
  • All events sponsored by non-university groups require a rental charge. A non-refundable deposit is required before the event can be confirmed. Final payment is due ten business days before the event. If payment is not received at this time, the event will be canceled and deposit forfeited. 
  • Event organizers assume all responsibility and liability for event participants.
  • Non-University groups are required to provide their own insurance in accordance with the University’s policy and procedure. Certificates of insurance are due at least ten business days in advance.
  • All food requests including snacks, meals, drinks, table clothes, etc. must be arranged through Sodexo Dining Service. No outside food permitted.
  • If the University should be closed for an emergency or inclement weather, all events are canceled for the day.

For assistance with 25Live, please contact: Facilities Scheduling Office, (304) 696-3125, reservations@marshall.edu.