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Sustainability of the MU-ADVANCE Program


In many cases, the accomplishments of the MU-ADVANCE Program are already moving toward sustainability. But, how will these efforts be sustained after the program?


Recruitment: Equity Programs, headed by Ms. Debra Hart, will continue to offer search enhancement to hiring departments, through the following services:

  • Provide annual training workshops for colleges and departments integrating best practices for recruitment and hiring

  • Provide recruitment materials to hiring departments

  • Subscribe to HigherEdJobs.com

  • Survey interviewees and new hires concerning the hiring process

  • Administer search reports and distribute them to colleges and hiring departments

  • Maintain the Candidates’ Resources page

MU Career Services will sustain the Dual Career Service. Their office will work toward a fully-established university-wide program.


The MU Child Development Academy will sustain child care assistance for new faculty.


Faculty Development: The Center for Teaching and Learning will continue many of the efforts developed by MU-ADVANCE that offer professional opportunities to faculty, such as:

  • Provide a university-wide new faculty support program

  • Conduct new faculty coaching sessions

  • Offer faculty grant preparation and writing workshops, in conjunction with the Marshall University Research Corporation

  • Monitor professional activities

  • Host faculty networking events

  • Host "need to know" events, in conjunction with Academic Affairs

Policy Change: The MU Policy Advisory Committee will continue policy review and proposal development. This committee will look at areas, such as the teaching load and salary equity issues, to report to the President and Academic Affairs in an effort to create change.


Webinars will be offered state-wide to disseminate successful practices from MU-ADVANCE.


Academic Affairs will offer an annual leadership workshop for deans and department heads/chairs.



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