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The MU-ADVANCE Path Forward Committee goal is to help sustain MU-ADVANCE initiatives in recruitment, faculty development, policy review, and university evaluation, with special attention to recruitment of new faculty and retention of female STEM faculty.


MU-ADVANCE Path Forward Committee

Dr. Marcia Harrison, Former MU-ADVANCE PI

Professor, Biological Science

Dr. Harrison is a plant biologist interested in the effect of environmental stress on plant growth. She is currently working on plant biology outreach projects with her cell biology and plant physiology classes. She was the former director of the WV State Science and Engineering Fair and is interested in supporting all levels of student research. More information...

Dr. Beverly C. Delidow, Former MU-ADVANCE Co-PI

Associate Professor, Biochemistry and Microbiology

Dr. Delidow, award winner of The Marshall University Distinguished Artists and Scholars Award for Junior Faculty, is a prominent researcher and dedicated professor in an area of Cancer Biology, and Neuroscience and Developmental Biology. As a cluster Coordinator in the Cancer Biology discipline, she encourages and supervises students for further research in the field. More information...

Dr. Maria Babiuc,

Assistant Professor, Department of Physics

Dr. Maria C. Babiuc-Hamilton, an Babiuc-Hamilton Associate Professor in the Department of Physics and Physical Sciences, is currently part of the NSF RII Epscor “Waves of the Future” award working on Gravitational Waves. Her research involves the development of methods for solving Einstein equations numerically in a full 3D code to simulate black hole evolution and to compute the gravitational waveform emitted by a binary system. She teaches both undergraduate and graduate Physics courses. More information...

Dr. Priya Dasgupta

Assistant Professor, Applied Science and Technology

Dr. Priya Dasgupta, an Assistant Professor in the Division of Applied Science and Technology.

Dr. April Fugett-Fuller

Professor, Department of Psychology

Dr. April Fugett-Fuller is an Professor in the Department of Psychology at Marshall.Dr. Fugett's research interests include reading, semantic memory, psycholinguistics, language processing, and how popular culture influences, and is influenced by, psychology. She is currently teaching Experimental Psychology, History and Systems, Psychology of Pop Culture, and Advanced Behavioral Statistics.

Dr. Elizabeth Niese,

Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics

Dr. Elizabeth Nieseis n assistant professor in the Department of Mathematics.

Dr. Wendy Trzyna,

Associate Professor, Department of Biological Sciences

Dr. Wendy Trzyna is a microbiologist in the Department of Biological Sciences. Her research interests include investigating how Acanthamoeba, a single celled eukaryotic microbe, sense and respond at the molecular level to stress in the environment. Of particular interest are specific genes and signaling pathways involved in stress responses as well as whole genome analyses of amoebae from diverse environments. She currently teaches Microbial Genetics.


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