What Do I Bring With Me to the Evaluation?

  • Physician Referral
  • Medical Information from primary care physician including previous testing, procedures, growth charts, etc.
  • Previous assessment reports and treatment record.
  • Insurance card
  • Any special feeding equipment such as utensils, bottles, cups or special seating (e.g., wheelchair) that your child uses.
  • For physical therapy consult, please bring a photo of your child eating in his normal environment.
  • Food. Please bring the food your child usually eats. It is necessary to see them eat their favorites/preferred foods. Please also bring foods you know he/she will refuse. We DO NOT force feed but it is essential in the diagnosis process to observe behaviors when introduced to non-preferred foods.
  • Beverages that your child prefers and ones you want them to be drinking along with preferred and non-preferred cups/bottles.
  • A three-day diet record. Information about keeping the diet record is enclosed.