Moving Forward: 1990-1999

Marshall’s football team won two NCAA National Championships in Division 1-AA and made the move back to the MAC. Marshall garnered enough support to develop its women’s sports programs and move back to Division 1-A. New emphasis was placed on scholarly achievement. The academic program gained a significant stamp of approval with re-accreditation by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. Enrollment exceeded 12,000 students – many of them older and part-time as the university served a more diversified student body. Dr. J. Wade Gilley replaced Dr. Nitzschke in 1991. Gilley used straight forward efforts to tweak Marshall University into an internationally known establishment of higher education. His 21st Century-orientation propelled the university financially. Dr. Gilley was able to eliminate the university’s massive debt and develop progressive instruction initiatives, including tele-conferencing, remote instruction, and classes via the World Wide Web.

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