Implementation of Collaborate Ultra

If you have a distance course that will be utilizing a virtual classroom, or if you use a virtual course for office hours in an e-course setting, please be aware that starting Fall 2017 semester we are supporting Collaborate Ultra virtual classroom.

As previously noted in a May 18th news update on the MUOnLine website, Collaborate Ultra is a major upgrade from Collaborate original in terms of access, ease of use, and audio/video connection. Please plan to meet with us prior to the first day of the launch of your course. We will need to double-check tech connections in your classroom, as well as advise best practice for providing your students with proper documentation and instructions for accessing the Collaborate Ultra classroom in your Blackboard course. Collaborate Ultra uses Google Chrome browser to access full functionality. It does not rely on Java, nor does it require you to download a launcher.

Currently, proper documentation and introductions to Collaborate Ultra can be found by logging into Blackboard and clicking on the Faculty tab on the top of the page. From here, you can scroll down the page to the right module titled “Collaborate Ultra for Moderators.” Additionally, you can direct your students to the Student Services tab at the top of Blackboard, since it contains a Collaborate Ultra for Participants module.

Please feel free to also view the Blackboard Help site for Collaborate Ultra as well:

To contact a designer:

Huntington campus:

Kristen Huff

South Charleston campus:

Paula Kaplan