Distance Learning Degrees & Courses

The online degrees listed below qualify for distance learning tuition rates. Consult the university’s tuition page to review distance tuition and fees (linked at bottom of tuition page).  Certificates and Minors not listed on that page do not qualify for the prorated tuition and are subject to regular tuition and fee rates.

Course Designations and Definitions:

"Online course" refers to any distance education course in which 100% of the course content is delivered asynchronously. There are no synchronous, face-to-face, or on-site attendance requirements. Online courses are designated as such in the schedule of courses.
Designation: Online Course (OC).
"Hybrid course" refers to any distance education course in which a portion of the course is delivered synchronously with scheduled and required online, face-to-face, or on-site attendance requirements; the remainder of the course is delivered asynchronously.

Distance Learning Requirements:

All students enrolled in distance learning courses must have access to equipment (desktop or laptop computer, Internet, a webcam, and mic) that meets minimum technology specifications. Consult the IT Service Desk site for Recommended Hardware. Student IDs will be obtained online via webcam; instructions will be sent to each student’s official MU email account upon admission to a distance learning program. Additional student resources, including technology recommendations, are also available on the Student Resources webpage.

Distance Learning Degrees

The following programs are completely online. Students may obtain all required courses via distance-delivery:



*Please note these degree programs have specific requirements relating to 2+2 agreements and/or completion requirements stated in their individual admissions instructions.





CURRENT STUDENTS: If you are transferring to a Distance Program, you may appeal your current designation by submitting a Request for Change in Distance/Regular Student Enrollment Form to the Office of the Registrar.  The deadline for submitting an appeal is the last day of the fall/spring late registration/schedule adjustment (add-drop) period according to the academic calendar.  The completed and signed request should be faxed to the Registrar at 304-696-6476, scanned and emailed to registrar@marshall.edu, or mailed to the Office of the Registrar, 106A Old Main, One John Marshall Drive, Huntington, WV 25755.

PROSPECTIVE STUDENTS: Distance Students in these programs are not expected to have a campus or classroom presence during their academic careers and are afforded a distance tuition rate in lieu of regular tuition and fees. The special distance tuition rate is set with the understanding that students have needs and interests different from those students paying regular tuition and fees. Specifically,

  • Distance Students are generally restricted from participating in and/or gaining access to certain university activities and events. They are eligible for certain student services related to their program such as advising, career planning, etc., as well as other student support services.
  • Distance Students are not eligible for graduate assistantship opportunities.
  • Distance Students are prohibited from registering for and attending traditional face-to-face classes. Exceptions to this include courses in which the student participates only via an electronic link (video and/or audio) and graduate courses for staff development offered through the College of Education and Professional Development.
  • Distance Students who register for a traditional face-to-face course may have that registration removed from the student schedule by the appropriate dean or registrar’s office.
  • Distance Students who revert to a regular enrollment status to register for and attend one or more traditional face-to-face classes may not be able to be approved for subsequent return to Distance Student status to be eligible for the Distance Student tuition rate.
  • Distance Students who change majors to a different degree program will automatically revert to a regular enrollment status. Such students must reapply for designation as a Distance Student even when changing directly to another qualifying distance program.
  • Attention MU Employees: distance tuition is not eligible for employee waivers or graduate assistantship benefits. Third-party remission or contractual courses approved by your advisor are the only exceptions.  When admitted to a distance program, you must select “Regular Enrollment Status” to be eligible for employee tuition waiver benefits. Contact our office if you have questions: (304)696-6474 or monica.brooks@marshall.edu.

Apply online for admission to a Distance Program:

Undergraduate Distance Program Application

Graduation Distance Program Application

Individual Courses

Online Courses

To view all available courses please visit the Schedule of Courses page.

Please note: Be sure to leave only the box marked “electronic” checked when searching for online courses.