E-Course Development Checklist

Request to develop

Beginning the process is as simple as 1-2-3!

  1. Complete the online application to initiate your ticket in the system for tracking purposes.
  2. Receive a confirmation of your application and then an email from the Online Learning office with the label LibAnswers with Step 1 form and checklist for developing content attached.
  3. Get required signatures for your Step 1 form and start developing with the instructional designers in the Instructional Design Centers.

Please note that you have one year to complete this process from application date.

Step 1 Form

  • Obtain signatures from your chair, dean and Academic Affairs on the Step 1 approval form.
  • Submit the Step 1 form with all required signatures by scanning and submitting these materials to your ticket. A paper copy will still be accepted as well as an emailed copy with electronic signatures.

Develop your course

We require you to work with the Instructional Design Center staff while developing your online course to ensure compliance with the Quality Matters (QM) rubric. All three point criteria must be met for your course to be approved. All content must be created by the instructor before a designer will develop the course. Please use the content checklist as a guide when developing distance education content.

Contact the Instructional Designer Center

  • Huntington: Drinko Library 235, (304) 696-7117, Monday – Friday 8:30 – 5:00

QM Training is also available and paid for by Online Learning.

Utilize resources

We offer QM training, training in the Design Centers, or a combination of both. Using these training resources dramatically increase the likelihood that your course will pass the review process. A pre-review of your course with an instructional designer is required before your course can be submitted for review.

Notification of completed course

Reply to the original ticket you received as an email from “LibAnswers” or contact us at onlinelearning@marshall.edu when your course is ready for review.

Login info for chair and dean review

Once we receive notification that your course is completed we’ll send you instructions for your chair and dean to log in to review the content of your course.  They’ll need to review your course and reply to the email ticket their approval before the course goes to the Distance Education Course Committee (DECC) for the official QM review.

Distance Education Course Committee (DECC) review

When Online Learning receives emailed approval from the chair and dean, the chair of DECC initiates the peer review:

  1. A peer review folder is created in SharePoint; the faculty peer review team is selected. (1-3 days)
  2. The DECC chair assigns three reviewers and facilitates the peer review process. (2-3 weeks)
  3. Upon completion of the review, the DECC chair notifies the developer of approval statues and/or recommended revisions. (1-3 days)

A course that is not approved by DECC can not be added to the schedule of courses as an ecourse until the necessary revisions are made and the course has been re-reviewed by a designer.

Revision process if necessary

Approved Pending Revisions – If one or two essential standards are not met, the DECC chair provides the developer with a summary of review comments and a proposed timetable for revisions. An instructional designer is assigned to assist the developer in revising the course.

Not Approved – If more than two essential standards are not met, the DECC chair provides the review summary, a proposed timetable, and assigns a designer to assist the developer in revising the course.

Final Approval

When an instructor completes their revisions, they should contact Chris Sochor at chris.sochor@marshall.edu. Online Learning will check to make sure the revisions have been made and can sign off on the completion of the course.

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