Collaborate Ultra – Connection Issues

As of Monday, December 4th, 2017, 10:28 AM EST (Eastern Standard Time) UTC/GMT -5 – Blackboard Collaborate users are experiencing intermittent issues that affect the launching of Collaborate Classic and Collaborate Ultra sessions. Collaborate Ultra users may see A01, A02, A03, A04 or 500 errors. If affected please try to reload your session. Collaborate DevOps is actively working to identify the root cause and find a resolution.

To view the Collaborate updates from Blackboard, visit:—web-conferencing-us-hosted

Collaborate Ultra

Collaborate Ultra is available and ready to use. Ultra is replacing the out-of-date version of Collaborate. Collaborate Ultra is browser-based (Chrome), does not rely on Java or a launcher, and has a much sleeker look and ease-of-use.

Find more information about Collaborate Ultra on our site:

Feel free to view the information on the Blackboard Help site for Collaborate Ultra as well:

As always, you can also find information by logging into Blackboard. Click either the Faculty or Student Services tab at the top to learn more about Blackboard tools.

Currently instructors must turn on the tool by going to Customization, Tool Availability, and checking the box beside Collaborate Ultra to turn it on. Hit Submit. We anticipate that Collaborate Ultra will be available in every course without having to turn it on starting Fall 2017 semester. 

We will also be phasing out the old version of Collaborate. Collaborate Ultra contains all of the tools necessary, including recording sessions. The old version of Collaborate is not as stable as the newer versions and has many more known issues. This update will enhance our experience, not inhibit it.