Marshall Research & Economic Development in the News Archive – July 2013-June 2014

New technology develops better personalized cancer treatments [Charleston Daily Mail:  June 30, 2014]

W.Va. bioscience industry grows 6.9 percent  [Charleston Daily Mail:  June 27, 2014]

A wrinkle in time: Finding the ice age in urban Los Angeles [LA Times:  June 21, 2014]

Editorial: Help is available for budding manufacturers in West Virginia [Charleston Daily Mail:  May 14, 2014]

Thumbs Up: Metal 3-D printer expands options for businesses [Charleston Daily Mail:  May 14, 2014]

Marshall’s 3-D printer uses metals to craft various parts [Charleston Daily Mail:  May 13, 2014]

New director aims to strengthen center’s role in community [Herald-Dispatch:  May 11, 2014]

RCBI unveils new 3-D metal printer [Herald-Dispatch:  May 10, 2014]

RCBI Announces New Public/Private Partnership in 3D Metal Printing [HerdVideo/YouTube:  May 9, 2014] –video available

MU students showcase work at research event [Herald-Dispatch:  May 3, 2014]

Can Social Media be the Key to an Investigation? [WV Public Broadcasting:  April 23, 2014]

Educators learn lessons in STEM skills and 3-D printing [Herald-Dispatch:  April 20, 2014]

MU School of Medicine receives $50,000 grant for orthopaedic research [Parthenon:  April 14, 2014]

Huntington trail feeds fitness trend [Charleston Gazette:  April 11, 2014]

MU student receives honorable mention in Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship competition [Parthenon:  April 9, 2014]

Charlotte Weber:  RCBI celebrates national robotics week [Charleston Daily Mail:  April 8, 2014]

Kevin DiGregorio: Revitalizing the state’s chemical industry with ChemCeption? [Charleston Daily Mail:  April 3, 2014]

CAZ Announces Launch of New Incubator at WV Regional Technology Park [Chemical Alliance Zone:  April 1, 2014]

Army veteran hopes research helps soldiers [Herald-Dispatch:  April 1, 2014]

Work of local students, physicians highlighted at Research Day [Herald-Dispatch:  March 26, 2014]

Despite cold, Earth is warming, scientists say [Charleston Gazette:  March 11, 2014]

Marshall joins regional water research group [Parthenon:  March 10, 2014]

Students visit MU for Brain Expo [Herald-Dispatch:  March 1, 2014]

Charleston Chamber, Alliance partnering for clean water future [Charleston Chamber of Commerce:  Feb. 26, 2014]

Researchers go to the core of climate change [Gazette-Mail:  Feb. 23, 2014]

Chemical group awards three grants [Charleston Daily Mail:  Feb. 18, 2014]

Seeking Solutions and Celebrating Successes Listening Tour [HerdVideo/YouTube:  Feb. 18, 2014] – video available

Listening and learning:  Local business leaders share concerns with W.Va. Delegates [Herald-Dispatch:  Feb. 18, 2014]

Statewide brownfields conference set for Sept. 11-12 [Herald-Dispatch:  Feb. 16, 2014]

Businesses lose $61 million because of spill [WV Public Radio:  Feb. 13, 2014]

Taking an inside look at Marshall University’s Forensic Science Center [WOWK-TV:  Feb. 5, 2014]

Chem spill economic impact is $61 million, study says [Charleston Gazette:  Feb. 4, 2014]

Marshall students’ research showcased at legislature [Herald-Dispatch:  Jan. 31, 2014]

Research projects bring students to Capitol [Charleston Gazette:  Jan. 31, 2014]

Undergraduate Research Day 2014 [HerdVideo/YouTube:  Jan. 30, 2014] – video available

Biology in 3-D [HerdVideo/YouTube:  Jan. 24. 2014] – video available

Marshall hosts annual engineering conference [Herald-Dispatch:  Jan. 24, 2014]

Faces of the Tri-State – Paul Constantino [Herald-Dispatch:  Jan. 23, 2014]

Marshall University’s Forensic Science program [Discovery Canada “Daily Planet”:  Jan. 22, 2014]

RCBI partners with Northrop Grumman and Carnegie Mellon University on two newly announced America Makes projects [America Makes:  Jan. 21, 2014]

MU’s herpetology collection becoming research tool [Charleston Gazette:  Jan. 17, 2014]

Marshall faculty and students featured in fall issue of “The Neuron” [The Neuron:  Dec. 18, 2013)

Marshall University Researchers Foresee a ‘Perfect Storm’ for RFID in Health Care [RFID Journal:  Dec. 10, 2013]

Studying the art of white hat hacking [Sunday Gazette-Mail:  Dec. 1, 2013]

MIIR gets a reboot; new director of MU research institution named [Herald-Dispatch:  Nov. 29, 2013]

W.Va. manufacturing company changing industry with 3-D printing [Charleston Gazette:  Nov. 28, 2013]

Students explore technology uses at Marshall University ‘GIS Day’ [Herald-Dispatch:  Nov. 21, 2013]

Students investigate forensic workshop at MU [Herald-Dispatch:  Nov. 16, 2013]

Marshall student takes second place in science video competition [WV Higher Education Policy Commission:  Oct. 31, 2013]

RCBI Manufacturing Day [HerdVideo/YouTube:  Oct. 7, 2013] – video available

Officials:  Manufacturing growth all about collaboration [Herald-Dispatch:  Oct. 6, 2013]

Marshall Researchers Hope to Improve Grafts for Burn Patients [State Journal:  Oct. 4, 2013]

Experts share knowledge in fight against obesity [Herald-Dispatch:  Oct. 3, 2013]

Environment Matters:  Green Roof at Marshall University [WV Division of Environmental Protection:  Oct. 1, 2013] – video available

Rooftop garden to play a role in Marshall’s storm water management [WV Public Radio:  Sept. 11, 2013] –audio available

Biology professor at Marshall receives grant to examine rattlesnakes [WV Public Radio:  Sept. 6, 2013] – audio available

Gov. Tomblin recommends Marshall for $100,000 ARC grant for diabetes project [Office of the Governor:  Sept. 5, 2013]

New business workshop targets needs of innovation, technology companies [WV Department of Commerce:  Sept. 3, 2013]

Shedding New Light on Lung Cancer [Marshall Magazine:  Summer 2013]

High Tech Research – Forensic Science [INTOTV/YouTube:  August 2013] – video available

MU’s Biological Sciences offers canoe trip on Twelvepole Creek [Herald-Dispatch:  Aug. 10, 2013]

Students show off research at Marshall University [WOWK-TV:  July 30, 2013]

What’s space travel research have to do with me? [WV Public Radio:  July 29, 2013] – audio available

App unlocks iPhone’s potential for the vision-impaired [Charleston Gazette:  July 20, 2013] – video available

Academy aims to broaden students’ scientific horizons [Herald-Dispatch:  July 18, 2013]

Marshall to play role in what students learn about energy [WV Public Radio:  July 17, 2013] – audio available

West Virginia EDGE:  Economic Evolution [WV Department of Commerce:  Issue 3, 2013]

Summer camp boosts science [Herald-Dispatch:  July 15, 2013]

Healthy for Life:  ChemoID: What’s Next? [WCHS-TV:  July 12, 2013] – video available

Retiring MU biologist expects to stay busy [Charleston Gazette:  July 12, 2013]

Camps teaching children science, technology [Herald-Dispatch:  July 12, 2013]

Groundbreaking Cancer Research May Help Chemo Patients [WCHS-TV:  July 5, 2013] – video available