Marshall Research in the News Archive – July 2010-June 2011

Marshall Engineering Academy teaches and recruits [WV Public Radio:  June 29, 2011]

Marshall University partners with the University of Kentucky [WV Public Radio:  June 24, 2011]

Impact of UK’s $20 million research award goes beyond state borders, into Appalachia [KY Forward:  June 23, 2011]

MU to help speed up innovations in health [Herald-Dispatch:  June 15, 2011]

New bioscience group director hopes to help turn research into jobs [Sunday Gazette-Mail:  June 12, 2011]

Rockefeller, Rahall announce $1.1 million award for Marshall to help West Virginia elementary students [Office of Senator Jay Rockefeller:  June 8, 2011]

Assistant professor receives award [Herald-Dispatch:  May 29, 2011]

Class Assignment Becomes Growing Tech Business in Huntington [State Journal:  May 10, 2011]

Researchers join forces to tackle Appalachian health problems [University of Kentucky:  April 29, 2011]

Appalachian Health Summit focuses on obesity epidemic [Herald-Dispatch:  April 22, 2011]

We Are Marshall Today:  Cyberinfrastructure Day and visit by Swiss ambassador to Marshall research institute [HerdVideo/YouTube:  April 20, 2011] – video available

Exploring the Unknown:  Dr. Joan Wilson of the Marshall Institute for Interdisciplinary Research [Marshall Magazine:  Spring 2011]

Expert sees big changes coming [Herald-Dispatch:  April 8, 2011]

Marshall takes a look at the future of the internet [WV Public Radio:  April 8, 2011] –  audio available  

Internet Revolution Ready to Surge Again [The State Journal:  April 7, 2011] –  video available 

Switzerland’s ambassador visits Marshall [Herald-Dispatch:  April 6, 2011]

Retired Cisco executive to speak at university’s Cyberinfrastructure Day [Herald-Dispatch:  April 5, 2011]

General Corporation gives Marshall University $1 million [HerdVideo/YouTube:  March 11, 2011] – video available

Mountain State Science:  MU-ADVANCE [WV Public Broadcasting:  February 25, 2011] – video available, audio available

MIIR progressing in research, growth (Herald-Dispatch:  February 21, 2011)

Marshall professor performs research in the Sonoran Desert (The Parthenon:  February 8, 2011)

Undergraduate Research Day and upcoming CI Day event featured on “We Are Marshall Today” (HerdVideo/YouTube:  February 1, 2011) – video available

Marshall students make magic in new interactive lab (The Parthenon:  February 2, 2011)

MU undergrads present work (Herald-Dispatch:  January 26, 2011)

Higher Education Policy Commission recognizes nearly $600,000 in state-funded research grants (West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission:  January 25, 2011)

Marshall students prepare for annual Undergraduate Research Day [The Parthenon:  January 25, 2011]

Mountain State Science:  Marshall 3D lab focuses on mine safety training [WV Public Broadcasting:  January 24, 2011] – video available, audio available

Professor conducts research on local food systems [The Parthenon:  January 21, 2011]

Marshall researchers looking into feasibility of intermodal shipping facility [WV Public Broadcasting:  January 5, 2011] – audio available

Dr. Tina Cartwright featured on cover of fall Neuron [West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission:  January 3, 2011]

Technology can help improve economy [WV Public Broadcasting:  December 16, 2010] – audio available

Plymale receives national trails award [Nick J. Rahall II Appalachian Transportation Institute:  November 24, 2010]

Scientist conducts research on acoustic waves [The Parthenon:  November 16, 2010]

Forensic center works outside spotlight [Herald-Dispatch:  November 9, 2010]

Pharmaceutical consultant and MU grad visits campus, gives talk [Herald-Dispatch:  October 28, 2010]

Chilean mine rescue sheds some light on safety in China [USA Today:  October 26, 2010]

Marshall University’s Forensic Science Center at Forefront of DNA Technology:  Marshall University’s Forensic Science Center has direct link to the Huntington Mall Rape Case of 1987 [WSAZ-TV:  October 22, 2010]

Leica microscope adds to biotech research [The Parthenon:  October 21, 2010]

Chinese mine officials visit virtual lab at Marshall [WV Public Broadcasting:  October 20, 2010] – audio available

Marshall students research cure for hereditary disease [The Parthenon:  October 20, 2010]

Researchers at Marshall pursue new ideas in breast cancer research [WV Public Broadcasting:  October 14, 2010] – audio available

Race not root of disparity in lung cancer between whites and blacks [American Association for Cancer Research:  October 2, 2010]

Timberline uses snowmaking system to enhance habitat for threatened salamander [Charleston Gazette:  October 2, 2010]

Marshall hosts discussion on impact of research on economy [WV Public Broadcasting:  September 29, 2010] – audio available

National Science Foundation gives $20M to state [West Virginia Public Broadcasting:  September 28, 2010] – audio available

Rockefeller, state officials announce $20 million for academic research in West Virginia – Largest NSF grant in West Virginia history [Office of Senator Jay Rockefeller:  September 27, 2010]

Marshall professor makes discovery [WV Public Broadcasting:  September 21, 2010]

Disease transmission model says media coverage cuts infection rate and pandemic extent [Georgia Institute of Technology:  September 16, 2010]

Forum highlights successes, challenges of growing tech industry in West Virginia:  MU, WVU presidents discuss role of higher education in spurring tech growth [TechConnect West Virginia:  September 7, 2010] – video available

New 3-D lab will benefit research [Charleston Daily Mail:  August 30, 2010]

Chinese officials explore joint center at Marshall [Herald-Dispatch:  August 17, 2010]

Appalachian Institute of Digital Evidence has seminar [WV Public Radio:  August 2, 2010] – audio available

WVU, Marshall biomedical research cooperation benefits entire state [WVU Today:  July 30, 2010] – audio available

Focus on Commercializing Scientific Discoveries [HerdVideo/YouTube:  July 27, 2010] – video available

Professors learn about intellectual property [WV Public Radio:  July 12, 2010] – audio available

Marshall University works to help researchers learn about patent law [Herald-Dispatch:  July 11, 2010]

Summer engineering camp at Marshall [HerdVideo/YouTube:  July 9, 2010] – video available

Marshall professor creates group to educate on digital evidence [West Virginia Record:  July 2, 2010]