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Marshall Research in the News Archive – May 2009-June 2010

Engineering focus of annual Marshall camp [Herald-Dispatch:  June 28, 2010]

Rahall announces $3.2 million released for Rahall Transportation Institute [News Release:  June 16, 2010]

Study praises MU med school [Herald-Dispatch:  June 15, 2010]

Marshall looks into integrating wind into energy network [West Virginia State Journal:  June 12, 2010]

Marshall Viz Lab featured in newest issue of The Neuron [West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission, Division of Science and Research:  May 25, 2010]

Marshall wind research highlighted on “We Are Marshall Today” [HerdVideo/YouTube:  May 17, 2010) – video available

Marshall to conduct wind analysis study on surface mines [WV Public Broadcasting:  May 17, 2010] – audio available

MU partner in commercialization MIST named one of “55 Good Things About West Virginia” [West Virginia State Journal:  May 14, 2010)

Marshall hosts population expert [WV Public Broadcasting:  April 23, 2010] – audio available

University participates in new software project [The Parthenon:  April 8, 2010]

“Virtual” MU program focuses on miner safety [Herald-Dispatch:  April 7, 2010]

Rockefeller visits Marshall virtual mine [WV Public Broadcasting:  April 7, 2010] – audio available

The Future of Mine Safety Training [WSAZ-TV:  April 7, 2010] – video available

Director leading MU’s forensic science department forward [Herald-Dispatch:  February 25, 2010]

Undergraduate research at Marshall University and Vice President for Research John Maher on “We Are Marshall Today” [HerdVideo/YouTube:  February 19, 2010] – video available

Marshall Professor Gives Insight into Global Warming [WOWK-TV:  February 16, 2010] – video available

Biotech from the ground up [WV Public Broadcasting:  February 12, 2010] – audio available

Undergraduates present research at state Capitol [Herald-Dispatch:  January 29, 2010]

Forensic Science Center solves crimes [WV Public Broadcasting:  January 20, 2010] – audio available

DNA program working:  Local law enforcement lauds deal with Marshall University [The Post and Courier (Charleston, S.C.):  January 7, 2010]

Science Synergy [Marshall Magazine:  Autumn 2009]

Biomedical research focusing on development of gene tools [Herald-Dispatch:  November 12, 2009}

MU tapping into research program [Herald-Dispatch:  November 12, 2009]

Editorial: Bioscience group should bolster state economy [Herald-Dispatch:  October 21, 2009]

High Tech Economics:  A visit to the Marshall visualization lab [WSAZ-TV:  October 7, 2009] – YouTube

Marshall to receive grant from National Institute on Drug Abuse [Herald-Dispatch:  October 3, 2009]

MU forensics program to receive $5 million [Herald-Dispatch:  October 1, 2009]

Editorial: Technology holds potential for business, government [Herald-Dispatch:  September 27, 2009]

MU lab presents virtual view [Herald-Dispatch:  September 27, 2009]

MU forensic science program gets major technology boost [Herald-Dispatch:  September 11, 1009]

Scientist recounts groundbreaking prehistoric-era find [Charleston Gazette:  September 9, 2009]

Marshall to open STEM academy [WV Public Broadcasting:  August 19, 2009] – audio available

Post and Courier: Marshall University Forensic Science Center helped authorities analyze DNA evidence [Post and Courier:  August 18, 2009]

MU gets grant from National Cancer Institute [Herald-Dispatch:  August 14, 2009]

Editorial: Science, math academy good for West Virginia (Herald-Dispatch:  August 13, 2009]

State’s biomedical researchers meeting today at Marshall [Herald-Dispatch:  July 30, 2009]

Photo Gallery:  West Virginia IDeA Network of Biomedical Research Excellence event [Herald-Dispatch:  July 30, 2009]

Marshall ranked #1 in forensic science [WV Public Broadcasting:  July 28, 2009] – audio available

MU Names New Associate VP for Economic Development [State Journal:  June 4, 2009]

MU to manage $17M for research [Herald-Dispatch:  May 21, 2009]