Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship

Congratulations to all of our past winners! Do you have information about past or present Marshall nationally-competitive scholarship winners? Please let us know by emailing!

Name Country Year
Jordyn Bryson (Gilman-McCain Scholar) Hungary 2019-2020
Jarred Carter Spain 2019-2020
Alexander Khoury Japan 2019-2020
Skye Metzer Spain 2019-2020
Molly Wagner Spain 2019-2020
Olivia Revels-Strother Spain 2018-2019
Tatiana Schrader Tanzania 2018-2019
Chloe Litzenberger Japan 2018-2019
Erin Strait Japan 2018-2019 (Alternate)
Caralee Casto Japan 2017-2018
Erica Burns South Korea 2017-2018
Brandy Harvey Ecuador 2016-2017
Kirsten Jorgensen Japan 2016-2017 (Alternate)
Nolan Miller Japan 2015-2016
Tyler Webb South Korea 2015-2016
Michelle Chatoney Tanzania 2014-2015
Sarah Van Horn Spain 2014-2015 (Alternate)
Kyle Walters Japan 2014-2015
Katherine Green Japan 2014-2015
Lucy Ward Japan 2014-2015
Tamra Stump Tanzania 2013-2014
Taylor Pitkin Tanzania 2012-2013
Matthew Walker Japan 2012-2013
Evan Donnelly Japan 2012-2013
James Kiger South Korea 2012-2013
Justin Roach Japan 2012-2013