MSN-Nursing Administration & Nursing Education

The MSN Nursing Administration (MSN -NA) and Nursing Education (MSN-NE) area of emphasis are 100% online and require 36 hours of credit for the nursing administration area of emphasis and 36 hours of credit for the nursing education area of emphasis.

The curriculum of the MSN program has three components:

1. The core curriculum component is comprised of twelve (12) credit hours that focuses on knowledge and skills related to nursing and related theories, leadership, advanced nursing research, and issues.

2. The area of emphasis component, which includes:

  • The nursing administration component (18 credit hours) provides an opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills necessary to administer/manage rural/under-served primary care agencies, home health care, and other health care agencies or units.
  • The nursing education component (21 credit hours) provides an opportunity to apply advanced nursing knowledge to nursing education and to develop competency in the areas of educator, scholar and collaborator.

3. The elective component (3 credit hours) for the NE and (6 credit hours) NA areas of emphasis allows students to choose one of four options: 1) thesis, 2) role development courses in teaching, or 3) elective courses related to the student’s area of interest, or 4) organizational dynamics or financial strategies in administration.

Graduates of the MSN-Nursing Administration area of emphasis are eligible to take the ANCC Certification Examination for Nursing Administration or Nursing Administration, Advanced depending on their experience and stage of professional development. The MSN-Nursing Education graduates are eligible to take the NLN Certification Nurse Educator Exam depending on their experience.

Admission Requirements

Plan of Study: Nursing Administration PDF

Plan of Study: Nursing Education PDF

MSN Nursing Administration Contact:
Nancy Elkins, Ed.D.
Telephone: 304-696-2617

MSN Nursing Education Contact:
Rebecca Appleton, Ph.D.
Telephone: 304-696-2632


91.84% 2021 Pass Rate on the RN Licensure Exam
Congratulations to our 2021 Pre-Licensure BSN Graduates who received 91.84% pass rate on the NCLEX-RN exam!
96.77% 2020 Pass Rate on the FNP Certification Exam
Congratulations to our 2020 FNP graduates who received a 96.77% pass rate on the FNP Certification exam! Thank you to our MSN faculty who helped make this possible.

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