Marshall Online Academic Resources

Students enrolled at Marshall Online are assigned an academic advisor. Our academic advisors use a holistic approach to support and guide students in goal-setting, course planning, registration, degree requirements and progression, academic course concerns, and working through challenges that may impact student learning and success. They work with and provide referrals to campus resources. They are readily available via email, phone, and virtual platforms for appointments and conversations. For more information to include finding your advisor please visit Advising.

Tutoring Center

At Marshall Online, we understand that learning can be challenging. Our Tutoring Center not only offers tutors but also resources and tips for being an active, independent learner. Virtual tutoring sessions are available.

Writing Center

Staffed with trained students, the Writing Center is a great resource to help with all stages of the writing process. Assistance is available for any writing assignment for all courses to improve skills and help students become confident writers. They also provide numerous writing resources. Face-to-face and virtual appointments are available.

Library Services

You don’t need to come to campus to access all of the extensive resources and services provided by the Marshall Libraries. You can access databases, journals, articles, research guides and books from where you are. Services and assistance are available by phone, email, and Ask a Librarian feature.

Disability Services

Marshall Online is committed to serving the needs and success of students with disabilities. Please contact the Office of Disability Services to request services, accommodation, and/or adaptations.


Textbooks and course materials are available at the Marshall Bookstore. Marshall Libraries offers a textbook loan program.


To promote academic integrity, some Marshall Online courses will require a web-based proctoring service for exams. The course instructor will provide information and expectations if required.