International Housekeeping Week

International Housekeeping Week is September 13-19, 2020. Each year, we take time to honor our year-round heroes of Housekeeping to let them know how much we appreciate them.


Honoring the Heroes of Housekeeping

Want to do something special for the housekeeper in your building or on your floor? We encourage all of our campus community members to take time during the week of September 13-19 to do something thoughtful for their designated housekeeper.

Ideas on How to Honor Your Housekeeper:

  • Take 5 minutes to write a note of appreciation to your designated housekeeping staff.
  • Join with others in your department to purchase a gift for your designated housekeeper (Limit to $25).
  • Pick up after yourself. We know that your office can get a little messy, so why not take this week to clean up after yourself so they don’t have to?
  • Take a moment to stop and talk to them. Ask them about their day, why they do what they do and how you can make their jobs easier. They have some of the dirtiest jobs on campus (quite literally) and we should appreciate the effort they put forth to keep this campus clean and beautiful.

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